Dog Warden

of Geauga County

What to Do

Lost Your Dog?

If you have lost your dog, start looking for him immediately! Don’t wait for your pet to come home on its own. Unlicensed dogs that are brought to the Animal Shelter are held for three days. Dogs wearing a current license are held for minimum of fourteen days.

Follow these guidelines:
Spend the first few hours searching your neighborhood. Most lost pets are found within a 1/2 mile radius of their home. Show photographs of the animal to your neighbors. Hand out cards that contain a description of your dog, such as in the following example:


Breed/Description: __________________________
Color: ________ Sex: ________
Height: ________ Weight: ________
Hair Length: __________________________
Identifying Marks: __________________________
Type of Collar: ________ Tag #: ________
Rabies Tag #: ________ Date Lost: ________
Area Lost: __________________________
Owner: __________________________
Address: __________________________
Home Phone: __________________________
Business Phone: __________________________
Name Dog Responds To: __________________________

Come to the Animal Shelter as soon as possible and as often as possible. If you do not find your dog at the shelter, you will be requested to fill out a “Lost Report” that will be kept on file. Please check back with the shelter to see if your pet has arrived.

Check with other local agencies to see if they have your pet or have had a call about its location. These agencies include: local police and Sheriff’s departments, Humane Society and Veterinarian’s Offices. You may also wish to speak with mail carriers, boarding kennels, dog groomers and park rangers in your areas.

If you live close to the County line, check with neighboring Dog Warden’s offices and other agencies too.

Place a “LOST” ad in your local newspaper.

When your dog returns, please call all of the agencies back that you have contacted so that they can remove your pet from their “lost” files.

Listed below are phone numbers of agencies that you may want to contact:


       Geauga County Dog Warden: (440) 279-2180


Local Dog Wardens:


            Ashtabula: (440) 576-3750

             Cuyahoga: (216) 348-4820

                  Geauga: (440) 279-2180

                       Lake: (440) 350-2640 or 350-2641

                 Portage: (330) 297-6924 or 297-6925

                 Summit: (330) 643-2845

              Trumbull: (440) 675-2787


       Geauga County Humane Society: (440) 338-4819