Public Notifications

Bids, Proposals, Public Hearings, RFPs, & SoQs

An Overview

Types of Notifications

There are different kinds of notifications released for the public, including the following: public hearing, RFP, SOQ, legal notice, competitive sealed proposal, and bid opening. A public hearing is a scheduled time at which members or staff of an Office will meet for the purpose of hearing public comment on a governing action. RFP is a request for proposal, which announces a project, describes it, and requires bids from qualified contractors to complete it. SOQ is a Statement of Qualification, which is a tool for obtaining an applicant’s qualifications and experience. An SOQ consists of a series of questions that require you to address those desired qualifications. A legal notice is every notice required by law or by order of a court to be published in a newspaper or other publication. A competitive sealed proposal is an offering of proposals for a bid requested by an Office in order to purchase supplies and services. A bid opening happens on the date the bid was started by the Office after the finalization of an agreement.