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For Businesses

Geographical Data (GIS)
Geographical Information Systems Department
The Geauga County Geographic Information Systems Department manages and coordinates the use of GIS and its related technologies within Geauga County. A GIS is defined as an advanced computer system capable of collecting, storing, viewing, and analyzing geographically referenced or spatial information.
Geauga Revolving Loan Fund
Financial Assistance Program for Geauga Businesses
The Geauga County Revolving Loan Fund is a program created to provide Gap Financing to qualified businesses, and is administered by the Geauga County Department of Community & Economic Development.

The Revolving Loan Fund provides direct loans at below prime interest rates on a portion of a project to enable companies to acquire conventional financing or other financing on the remainder of the project.
Licenses for Dogs, Kennels, Vendors and Cigarettes
The Auditor’s Office is the County Office responsible for the issuance of licenses for dogs, kennels, vendors and cigarettes.
Community Maps
Geauga County has an impressively diverse service sector which can complement your business needs.

The maps include on the second page: the business name and location, the service provided, the address, and the URL, if available.
Building Permit Process
Before issuing the building permit, the county requires a number of permits.