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Geauga County Commissioners

The Geauga County Board of Commissioners is responsible for a multitude of critical functions regarding the governance and administration of services for their constituents. These dedicated public servants oversee various departments, set policy, and work to address community needs and concerns, ensuring the county’s resources are effectively managed, public services are efficiently delivered, and the county’s needs are met. The Geauga County Board of Commissioners is committed to enhancing economic growth and collaborating with local municipalities and townships to address the unique challenges and opportunities of this vibrant Ohio county.

Meeting Agenda

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Agenda: April 23, 2024 ag-4-23-2024.pdf Apr 23, 2024 2024-04-23 Agenda
Agenda: April 16, 2024 ag-4-16-2024.pdf Apr 16, 2024 2024-04-16 Agenda
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What's Been Approved Recently

Board of Commissioners holds 2024 organizational meeting.

At their Jan 8 meeting, the Board of Commissioners held their annual organizational meeting.  The BOCC chose to maintain the current organizational structure with Commissioners Spidalieri and Dvorak remaining as President and Vice President respectively.  The Commissioners reappointed Gerry Morgan as County Administrator, Christine Blair as Commissioners’ Clerk and each of the Directors of the Departments under the commissioners’ hiring authority.

During the regular meeting of the BOCC the Board authorized the Engineer to undertake projects using Force Accounts, and further approving the asphalt resurfacing of Bell Road in Newbury Township.

Commissioners reappointed Caroline Mansfield, Lisa Briggs, Linda Crombie and a Commissioner (who was determined during the reorganization portion later in the meeting and further added Kathy Shimer to the Revolving Loan Fund Committees.

Commissioners also reappointed the following individuals to the JFS Family Services Planning Committee; Jessica Boalt, Vicki Clark, Julie Gorenc, Scott Hildenbrand, Tim Keres, Jennifer Felker, Teri Malnar, Gerry Morgan, Andrea Pollack and Angela Spalsbury and further appointed Kristine Frankenberry to the committee.

Commissioners granted permission to Water Resources to advertise for bids for the Aquilla Wastewater Treatment plant improvements project with bids to be opened on Feb 7, 2024.

Session scheduled for Feb 6 was cancelled.

Department of Emergency Service

Department Spotlight

The Geauga County Department of Emergency Services is an agency that assists the citizens of Geauga County on a countywide basis through mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

We accomplish this by working with local government agencies, county government agencies, police, fire, and private agencies in coordinating the resources of Geauga County in the event of a major emergency or disaster situation.

Geauga County has many plans and procedures in place, including: an Emergency Operations Plan for man-made, natural, and technological emergencies; a Chemical Emergency Response Plan for those hazardous substance facilities in Geauga County; and the Radiological Emergency Response Plan for incidents that occur at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant.