Win of the Week

February 21, 2024

Win of the Week Feb-21-2023

Tax Assistance

Geauga Seniors, sixty (60) years of age and older, have been coming to the Geauga County Department on Aging (GDA) for years to have their yearly taxes completed at no charge.  The Geauga Department on Aging offers this free service through AARP volunteers by appointment only, from early February through early April.  The seniors trust the AARP IRS trained and certified volunteer personnel, who work directly with the seniors as they walk them through the state and federal returns.  The tax preparers use the electronic E-filing method helping to speed the process.


In 2023, with two volunteer tax preparers, the GDA took 283 appointments totaling 366.75 hours.  So far in 2024, there have been 399 appointments taken, with four volunteer tax preparers assisting the seniors.  The increase in appointments will push to the total hours of assistance close to 475, a record number.  This is due to the current AARP volunteers bringing in new trained staff, which increased the number of appointments each day and the number of days seniors can get tax assistance