Information for New Employees Regarding OPERS Retirement

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Information for New Employees Regarding OPERS Retirement

New members to the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System have several opportunities available to access information that will help them decide which OPERS retirement plan is best for them from the three Ohio PERS plans offered within their 180-day enrollment period.

First, the OPERS website at has decision tools available, including a Retirement Plan Selection Guide that can be viewed or printed.

Second, OPERS will continue to offer the How to Select Your OPERS Retirement Plan seminars, which are offered in person at locations in our area. A schedule of current seminars is available at

Third, for new employees who are unable to attend a seminar in person, Ohio PERS has announced a live and interactive webinar.

The webinar can be accessed on the website. Employees may register online to participate in the webinar by reviewing the schedule and selecting a day of the training event. Once they have filled out the registration page and clicked the submit button, they will receive and e-mail confirmation with instructions. Because space is limited, an employee may be unable to register for a webinar. He/she should try another webinar date.

Last, new employees may contact an OPERS counselor by calling the Help Line at 1-866-673-7748 to speak about the benefits and features of the three plans and to make their selection, or to schedule a counseling session.