Tax Incentives

Department of Community and Economic Development

Tax Incentives

Geauga County controls two locations that can provide real property tax exemptions through the State of Ohio Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) program. In addition Middlefield Village and Chardon City also provide real property tax exemption zones. The County’s two CRA zones are located in specific industrially zoned areas of Parkman and Troy Township (see maps). These tax incentives will be applied to industrial development projects only. Each proposed project will require negotiation and approval by the Geauga County Board of Commissioners to be eligible for program incentives. Job creation, capital investment and/or extraordinary building expenses will be taken into account in the incentive decision.

Geauga County recognizes local funding for school districts is provided by real property taxes. Since schools receive approximately 80% of real property tax revenue, granting a real estate tax exemption directly affects local school finances. The County is committed to ensuring schools are informed and consulted before granting real property exemption. The Superintendent of the affected school district (Cardinal or Berkshire) will be consulted prior to tax exemption decisions.

Therefore, it is the County’s policy to:

  • Provide copies of exemption applications to the affected school district superintendent and solicit the recommendation of the superintendent before legislative consideration.
  • Recommend the appropriate exemption percentage and term based upon the project’s complexities and the community’s benefits.
  • Carefully evaluate each application for exemption to determine the amount of investment and the number of jobs, any construction issues, and the community benefit.


Applications, program information or assistance is available from the Department of Community and Economic Development which is responsible for all administrative functions of this program. Please call (440) 279-1790 for more details on the CRA program.

Geauga County CRA Maps:

For location details, please consult with the Department of Community and Economic Development.